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Japanese: Phrases > At the restaurant

The sentences presented in this section will help you with the most basic expressions in Japanese. It will certainly not be enough in order to start a conversation in Japanese, however being able to say a few words in the country's native language will evoke sympathy and understanding.

Few people in Japan speak English well, and it might take some time to encounter someone who does. Therefore we recommend to buy a language course before traveling.

Waiter! Onegai shimasu / Sumimasen
Please bring me the menu. Menyu o misete kudasai.
Which menu of the day / dish of the day is there? Kyoo no teishoku / higawari wa nan desu ka?
What do you recommend me? O-susume wa?
Green tea / black tea / coffee / beer / cold water please o-cha / koo-cha / koohii / biiru / o-mizu kudasai.
How long will it take? Jikan wa dono gurai kakarimasu ka?
The bill please. O-kanjoo o-negai shimasu.
How much does it all cots together? Zembu de o-ikura desu ka?
I will start to eat. Itadakimasu.
It is (very) tasty. (Totemo) oishii desu.
Cheers! Kampai.
It tasted very good. Gochisoo-sama deshita.

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