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Dutch: Phrases > On the road

The sentences presented in this section will help you with the most basic expressions in Dutch. It will certainly not be enough in order to start a conversation in Dutch, however being able to say a few words in the country's native language will evoke sympathy and understanding.

The good news is that especially when you are traveling to The Netherlands, virtually everyone will speak English as a second language. However, it is a polite gesture to ask first.

Excuse me, may I ask you something? Pardon, mag ik u iets vragen?
I am lost. Ik ben verdwaald.
Do you know a in the area? Kent u een in de buurt?
How do I get to ? Hoe kom ik naar ?
Is this the road to ? Is dit de weg naar ?
How far is it to ? Hoe ver is het tot ?
Could you show that to me on the map? Kunt u mij dat op de kaart laten zien?
I'd like to rent a car. Ik wil graag een auto huren.
How much does it cost per day / weekend / week? Hoeveel kost het per dag / weekend / week?
Does the price include insurance? Is de verzekering bij de prijs inbegrepen?
Is that including all kilometers? Is dat inclusief alle kilometers?
I would like to pay with my credit card. Ik will graag met mijn kredietkaart betalen.
Is there a parking lot around here? Is er een parkeergarage in de buurt?
How long am I allowed to park here? Hoe lang mag ik hier parkeren?
How do I get to the highway to ? Hoe kom ik op de snelweg naar ?
Go straight ahead. Turn left. Turn right. Ga rechtdoor. Sla linksaf. Sla rechtsaf.
Turn around. Draai om.
Follow this road for kilometres. Volg deze weg voor kilometers.
Where do I find a tanking station? Waar vind ik een benzinestation?
Do you have petrol / gas / diesel? Heeft u benzine / gas / diesel?

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