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Chinese: Phrases > At the restaurant

Eating in a Chinese restaurant will be an entirely new experience. It is an event people use to go out with their entire families, and often many smaller dishes are served which are shared with all people. The Chinese are known for the many sounds they make as they eat (a sign that the food is tasty) and it is considered polited to leave some of the food on the dish at the end (showing wealth and riches).

Please be aware that English is not as common as a second language as in many other areas of the world. Therefore we recommend to buy a professional course and to study Chinese in-depth before traveling.

I am thursty. Wo(4) ke(4) le.
I am hungry. Wo(4) e(3) le.
Where can I get something to eat? Nar(4) you(4) mai(3) chi(1) de.
I would like a cup of coffee. Wo(4) yao(3) yi(3) bei(1) ka(1)fei(1).
How much does that cost? Zhe(3)ge duo(1)shao qian(2)?
Where is there a good restaurant? Nar(4) you(4) hao(4) yi(3)dian(4) de fan(3)guan(4).
Is it expensive? Gui(3) bu(2) gui(3)?
Let's go. Zou(4) ba.
We are with four people. San(1) ge(3) ren(2).
Waiter! Fu(2)wu(3)yuan(2).
What can you recommend us? Ni(4) neng(2) tui(1)jian(3) yi(3)xie(1) cai(3) ma.
Can I order now? Ke(4)yi(4) dian(4)cai(3) le ma?
Do you have a spicy sauce? You(4) la(3)jian(3) ma?
The bill please. Jie(2)jiang(3) ba.

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