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Chinese: Phrases > Nightlife

The sentences presented in this section will help you with the most basic expressions in Chinese. It will certainly not be enough in order to start a conversation in Chinese, however being able to say a few words in the country's native language will evoke sympathy and understanding.

Please be aware that English is not as common as a second language as in many other areas of the world. Therefore we recommend to buy a professional course and to study Chinese in-depth before traveling.

I would like two tickets for tomorrow. Wo(4) yao(3) mai(4) liang(4) zhang(1) ming(2)tian(1) de piao(3).
Excuse me, where are these seats? Dui(3)buqi(4), wo(4)men de zuo(3)wei(3) zai(3) nar(4)?
These are our seats. Zhe(3) shi(3) wo(4)men de zuo(3)wei(3).
Is this seat taken? Nar(3) you(4) ren(2) ma?
I have enjoyed it very much. Wo(4) fei(1)chang(2) xi(4)huan.

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