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Chinese: Phrases > Lodging

The sentences presented in this section will help you with the most basic expressions in Chinese. It will certainly not be enough in order to start a conversation in Chinese, however being able to say a few words in the country's native language will evoke sympathy and understanding.

Please be aware that English is not as common as a second language as in many other areas of the world. Therefore we recommend to buy a professional course and to study Chinese in-depth before traveling.

Do you have a room available? You(4) dan(1)jian(1) ma?
How much does a ... cost per night? ... duo(1)shao qian(2)?
How much does the cheapest room cost? Zui(3)pian(2)yi de fang(2)jian(1) shi(3) duo(1)shao qian(3)?
I would like to stay for three days. Wo(4) xiang(4) zhu(3) san(1) tian(1).
Can we have an extra bed? Neng(2) zai(3) jia(1) yi(3) zhan(1) chuang(2) ma?
Can I pay with my credit card? Wo(4) neng(2) yong(3) xin(3)yong(3)ka(4) fu(3)kuan(4) ma?
The bill please. Qing(4) bang(1) wo(4) jie(2)zhang(3).
I have already paid. Wo(4) yi(4)jing(1) fu(3)guo(3) kuan(4) le.
Where should I leave the key? Yao(3)shi liu(2) zai(3) nar(4)?

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