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Chinese: Grammar

Knowing some of the langauge's grammar provides a much better understanding of how sentences are build, and often it provides a 'sneak preview' of the culture and way of thinking in a particular country. Unfortunately our grammar section is not developed yet, however we offer the possibility for individuals to make a contribution. Please find more details below.

Please be aware that English is not as common as a second language as in many other areas of the world. Therefore we recommend to buy a professional course and to study Chinese in-depth before traveling.

Languagetrav.com is looking for people who would like to make a contribution to our site. We are currently still in search for building a grammar guide for the Chinese language, containing the following topics:

The verbs 'to be' & 'to have'
Present tense
Past tense
Present and past perfect
Future tense
Irregular verbs
The imperative
Telling time & date
Please feel free to view our Dutch section in order to view an example.

Contributing to our site is easy and it offers a possibility to share your knowledge with the world. For more information about making contributions, please view our section Contribute to LanguageTrav.com.

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